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In communication and management, we dissociate two types of communication: external communication, to your customers and outside in general and internal communication, the one we call in general communication in business. In-house communication is just as important as external communication. Maintaining good communication has a large impact on the commitment of your employees, the loyalty of your customers and therefore the success of your business. But then, how to create an information system that can boost the performance of your employees? What are the tools to put in place to promote effective communication between the different decision-making levels of your start-up? We give you some elements of answer in this article dedicated to the communication in company. Are you ready? We tell you everything.

Corporate communication: a key growth factor

The first question that must be asked when dealing with the issue of business communication is: what is communication in business actually? To make it short, and to paraphrase the many specialists of the question, communication is a set of strategies and actions that are supposed to benefit the growth and the good functioning of the activity of a company. Of course, communication is a complex environment and the mastery of several channels is essential to the viability of such a project. From the MGL Business Communications you will have the best boost in this.

Find the best profiles, raise funds to finance your projects, boost your client portfolio, all these actions can be simplified thanks to a well-thought-out company communication adapted to your company. Better yet, managerial studies show that it is almost impossible to achieve its objectives without defining a good communication strategy in business.

In fact, whatever its size, a company forms a whole. It is the concerted action of the different services that contributes to achieving the objectives. You cannot imagine producing an igloo for each department, right?

There must be a permanent link between the administrative, technical and commercial departments. All levels need to know all the details about the progress of a running project. This saves time. However, any saving of time implies a significant return. Your structure thus optimizes the working time. And the only respect of the schedule defined for the execution of the tasks can play a capital role in the timely fulfillment of the missions. You wonder then how to go about it.

What are the different types of business communication?

Overall, three types of corporate communication are discernible:

  • Communication down
  • Communication up
  • And horizontal communication

What is communication down?

Communication down is the most classic and historically widespread in the business world. Thus, the communication downwards from the leaders, towards the employees. It only goes in this direction and does not deviate to issue directives to staff.

What is communication up?

Communication up is much rarer. It consists of employees reporting critical information to management to improve business performance and / or production processes. It can also be done externally since we can consider the after-sales service as communication up, here to the brand.

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